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We collaborate with authors to bring you books on holistic health and self-help books.


As chemically processed food, also known as ultra-processed foods tend to be high in artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates and trans gats, and of course not forgetting sugar. This is a major contributor to obesity and illnesses around the world. Thus we are pulling in authors who believes in holistic health and whole foods. 

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Keto Gluten Free Meals



Kindle $0.99   |   Paperback $12.99

Kindle Unlimited FREE


Looking to start on ketogenic gluten-free diet but feeling lost?


This gluten-free meal, low carb meal cookbook is an ideal source for recipes, especially for those looking on Keto meals for beginners.  You can easily whip up these low carb & gluten free mouth-watering recipes –  breakfast, lunch and dinner  – for you and your family with no stress and in a jiffy. This cookbook also provides a complete insight of what ketogenic gluten-free diet is all about.


Inside, you'll discover:

·       42 recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner

·       Quick & easy 3 - 5 ingredients recipes

·       Less than 20-minutes preparation time 

·       Bonus: 14-day keto meal plans for beginners

·       And much, much more


In addition, you’ll also receive a shopping guide and list of food to avoid.


While releasing her 2nd book, after her 1st book hit Amazon's #1 Bestseller. Vanessa Reese is back in her cooking studio whipping up her 3rd book! And if you are Register with us now if you like to grab her 3rd book at New Release Price in our bi-monthly newsletter.



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Keto Gluten Free Desserts
Keto Gluten Free Bread
#1 Amazon Bestseller.png

Kindle $2.99   |   Paperback $12.99

Kindle Unlimited FREE


Want to enjoy fragrant smelling bread without the usual sense of guilt?


Unlike other gluten free cookbooks, this cookbook is specially designed for busy moms or those on the go by giving you low-carb bread recipes that will only take you a maximum of 8-minutes to prepare.


Inside, you'll receive:

·        2 pizza base recipes

·        3 biscuits & cookies recipes

·        25 bread recipes

·        And much, much more


In addition, you’ll also receive a list of 4 low-carb flour that you can easily substitute into the recipes given you a different taste, texture and smell…creating even more variety for yourself.


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