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7th Heaven

7th Heaven essential oil collection is lined up by D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living.

At times in our lives, we experience periods of uncertainty, insecurity and confusion. There are many television programs, books, and people telling us how we should think and act. Such an avalanche of information pulls us in conflicting, unproductive directions and exposes us to anxiety, confusion, and misadventure.

Our spirituality is the most priceless and intimate feeling we possess; and we must guard it to find peace, balance, and understanding. These beautiful formulas have been used to generate great joy and set us on the path to a new world of meaningful experiences. They contain oils that have been used and recognized for many years to balance the pineal and pituitary glands, helping us attain a higher spiritual frequency. These formulas work extremely well in companionship with the emotional formulas in the Feelings Kit.

The 7 essential oils that build up this collection are:


helps balance one's state of mind and emotions through self-adjustment by allowing a gentle change toward renewal and balance, enabling one to make a transition, and reach one's highest potential. This fragrant combination is comprised of Dream Catcher, Forgiveness, Harmony, Joy, and Present Time.


an exotic formula containing sandalwood, blue tansy, juniper, and other essential oils that enhance dreams and visualization, promoting greater potential to realize your dreams and stay on your path. It may also protect from the bombardment of negative energy. Use before retiring for a beautiful night's rest.


helps collect our emotional and spiritual thoughts, helping us focus on achieving our highest potential. The oils of galbanum, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, cinnamon, rose, spruce, geranium, and ylang ylang may help us channel through chaotic energy and get to the heart of the matter; improving determination and effort.


helps us heal ourselves through the seeking and giving of forgiveness. Its use offers a chance for deeper spiritual awareness, and the opportunity to begin healing and find peace. It is powerful when used with Forgiveness and Gathering.


has been found to be effective for enhancing meditation, prayer, and inner awareness. The combined oils of cedarwood, spruce, rosewood, sandalwood, frankincense, myrtle, and mugwort have been used by Eastern and North American native peoples to increase spirituality.

Sacred Mountain

brings about a feeling of protection, strength, and security. The oils in this blend—spruce, ylang ylang, fir, and cedarwood— represent the ancient Eastern philosophies, which emphasize finding sacredness within one's self.


combines oils that were used during ancient times to increase the aura around the body, bringing a sense of strength and protection. Its frequency protects against the bombardment of negative energy.

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