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Guide to Diluting Essential Oils for Kids and Babies

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

When it comes to diluting essential oils for kids, it’s best to stay on the safe side. These essential oil dilution ratios utilizing carrier oils are a great starting point for sharing the many benefits of essential oils with your precious tiny tots. Follow the essential oil blending chart below for our recommendations:

Essential oil safety tips for kids and babies

Being extra careful around your little ones can help ease some stress. Follow these five tips for using essential oils safely:*

  1. Consult a health professional before administering oils, especially if your baby or child is sick.

  2. To avoid sensitive little noses, dilute a small amount of oil in an ultrasonic diffuser like our Dolphin Reef Diffuser next to cribs and play areas.

  3. Babies love to splash during bath time; avoid adding oils in their tub, so they don’t ingest or get any of it in their eyes.

  4. Wear essential oils on your skin to help your kids acclimate to the fragrance.

  5. Heavily dilute a new essential oil following the guide above and perform a spot test on your child’s arm or leg. If no reaction occurs after several minutes, the oil is probably okay to use.

*Follow the label directions and then dilute according to age.

YL tip: Keep your kids smiling with our KidScents® line of essential oil blends specially formulated just for them!

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