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Ouuch .. Sprain & Bruises

Just the words Sprain and Bruises makes me cringe!

An ankle sprain occurs when ligaments that connect the bones in the foot, ankle, and lower leg are stretched or torn. There is often swelling and bruising around the injured area.

Remember RICE + H = Rest, Ice, Compression (if needed for sprains), Elevation, and of course, Essential Oils !

Arrived into Berjaya Hill last night after an hour drive up. In the night when we were out, someone in the family tripped and fell. Unfortunately we could not about to perform "RICE". By the time we go back an hour later, the swell on the ankle has grown to the size of an egg and has turn bluish .... Ooooouch ! Applied some EOs.

This morning the swell has reduced, and the bluish has gone pinkish.



  1. Valor

  2. Cypress

  3. Lavender

  4. Marjoram

  5. Wintergreen

  6. Peppermint

  7. Copaiba

  8. V-6 Massage Oil


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