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MUKTESHWAR (Himalayas)

Mukteshwar is located at an altitude (higher than Nainital) of 2315 meters or 7500 feet. It is situated in mountains of Nainital district perched on the top of Kumaon Hill, rendering the most stunning view of the 380 km range of Great Himalayas.


From here, the sun can be seen rising over the peaks of Nepal and setting over the far end of an uncluttered panorama. The hamlet's name Mukteshwar derives from two Sanskrit words:'Mukti' meaning eternal life and 'ishwar' another term for God, and refers to an ancient legend in which a demon battles with Shiva, and though the demon is defeated, he attains immortality.


Mukteshwar is spread over 30 sq kms area, this also comprises of Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) controlled Oak and Rhododendron reserved forest. IVRI was relocated to Mukteshwar from Pune by Britishers in 1880. It has one of the oldest and richest libraries in the world with a special focus on nature, vet and environment. Many of these books are extremely rare.


The original Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory was housed in the College of Science at Pune and Dr Alfred Lingard, a distinguished medical bacteriologist was appointed in 1891 as Imperial Bacteriologist. An operational natural refrigerator dug into the rock is still in use here.


Mukteshwar is well known as the fruit basket of the entire Uttarakhand region. Here fruits like Apple, Kiwi, Peach, Apricot, Walnuts, Chestnuts, Pear and Plums etc available in abundance. Farming and orchards is the main occupation of people in Mukteshwar region.


We have several ashrams like Kainchi Dhaam, Dol Ashram, RamChandra Mission and Somwari Baba Ashram in the vicinity of Mukteshwar.


Highly recommended places like Nainital, Jageshwar, Almora, Devidhura, Bhimtal etc are ideal for a day trip from Mukteshwar.



Brief Agenda

Day 1 (5th Nov)

  • Choo Choo up the mountains

  • Check-In

  • Free & Easy

Day 2 to 5 (6th to 9th Nov)


  • 🌿 Lighten your spirit thru meditation

  • 🌿 Relax your body with Yoga

  • 🌿 Learn about toxins and chemicals

  • 🌿 Learn to understand labels on products

  • 🌿 Why weight management is not just what you eat

  • 🌿 Learn to hear what your body is telling you

  • 🌿 Learn on different grades of aromatherapy oils

  • 🌿 How to select aromatherapy oils

  • 🌿 Proper use of aromatherapy oils

  • 🌿 Support mental & emotional, physical and spiritual health thru aromatherapy

  • 🌿 Learnt to make your own organic & natural personal care products

  • Total of 9 sessions of workshops

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner provided

Day 6 (10th Nov)

  • Breakfast provided

  • 1/2 day Sunrise tour

  • Check-out


1) All meals are organic & non-GMO

2) Participants are encouraged to check-in early a day early so that you get ample rest from the trip up. As the workshops are 4 full days

3) After the workshops, participants are also encouraged to stay on for extra days to observe peace and silence

4) For extended accommodation, special retreat rates will be extended.

Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, India

Early Bird closing:

31st Aug 2019 (SAT)

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General Information

6 Days / 5 Nights

Dates          : 5th to 10th Nov 2019

Country     : India

Region       : Uttarakhand (Himalayas)

District       : Nainital

Area            : Kamaon Hills

Village       : Mukteshwar

Participants will be met at Mukteshwar.

From New Delhi, you will take a 6 hr scenic train ride to the mighty Himalayas. And from there a 2 hr car ride further up the Kumaon Hill to Mukteshwar.



High : 31 Degrees

Low  : 11 Degrees


High : 88 Degrees

Low  : 52 Degrees

Optional Packages


For 1st time travellers to the Himalayas. You only need to get yourself on the train in New Delhi. On arrival into the Himalayas, your driver will take you further up the hills to Mukteshwar.

Village Tour

A village tour has been planned for those who would like to visit the villages and would like to have a feel of life there.


As Mukteshwar is a perfect spot to do day trips to different areas like Nainital, Jageshwar, Almora, Devidhura, Bhimtal etc. You may book for room extension, we will be able to offer you a retreat extension price, which is better than Agoda, Expedia, TripAdvisor,, and etc, cause of bulk booking.

However, it is subject to availability, as the property is a boutique accommodation with only 10 rooms. And it will be a peak season when we are there.




We believe in a gentler, more empowered YOU. We believe in your birthright to Inner Purpose, Inner Freedom and Inner Radiance - and all our experiences are targeted at helping you move BEYOND all that which is holding you back - in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Me Time

Connecting to nature and grounding yourself is the crux in present day lifestyle.

We believe in a gentler, more empowered YOU. We believe in your birthright to Inner Purpose, Inner Freedom and Inner Radiance - and all our experiences are targeted at helping you move BEYOND all that which is holding you back - in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Come be in sync with the sky and mountains. Let nature embrace and heal you on this aromatic journey.

Let Mother Nature Spell Magic to You.

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